Many of us wonder what is going on in the Middle East. Why does it seem as if everybody is fighting everybody? Is there still a chance for peace? Will the people of the Middle East ever be able to live together peacefully?

We wanted answers. So we started by asking Iraqis what they thought of the events over the last few years. Then we asked them if they still dream of a future in Iraq and the Middle East.

We also asked ourselves what role the West has played in the Middle East and if they can play a meaningful role in the future.

In our quest for enlightenment we asked the same question to senior officials at the United Nations and to Western academics. We wanted to know what has happened and what future potential still exists for the country.


This documentary is not aimed at Middle Eastern specialists. It is intended for people who want to have a better understanding of the situation on the ground. It highlights two important questions:

1. What is the future for Iraqi and Middle Eastern people after the state, the civil and cultural infrastructure has been destroyed?

2. How can we explain to Westerners why Iraq and the Middle East are in such a mess? And how can we best support the people of the region? This documentary hopes to make a contribution to the understanding of other cultures. It attempts to lay a foundation of support to the Iraqi’s and Middle Eastern people on their path to freedom.